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HCC in the News: Women Building Futures program starts July 9 at HCC SouthShore w​w​w​.​o​b​s​e​r​v​e​r​n​e​w​s​.​n​e​t​/​2​0​1​9​/​0​6​/​2​0​/​i​f​-​y​o​u​d​-​l​i​k​e​-​t​o​-​o​p​e​n​-​d​o​o​r​s​-​i​n​t​o​-​a​-​b​e​t​t​e​r​-​p​a​y​i​n​g​-​f​u​t​u​r​e​/
If you’d like to open doors into a better-paying future…
about 2 days 19 hours ago
Hillsborough Community College
The engineering technology program specialized in training on cutting-edge equipment that helps to teach techniques to succeed in advanced manufacturing careers. Graduates may earn the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) Certified Production Technician (CPT) industry certification and step into high-skill, highwage positions. Program info: w​w​w​.​h​c​c​f​l​.​e​d​u​/​c​a​r​e​e​r​s​/​e​n​g​i​n​e​e​r​i​n​g​-​t​e​c​h​n​o​l​o​g​y​.​a​s​p​x w​w​w​.​y​o​u​t​u​b​e​.​c​o​m​/​w​a​t​c​h
Engineering Technology
about 4 days 17 hours ago
Hillsborough Community College
The countdown is on! On June 25, we will be launching the new HCC website, MyHCC Portal and our Student Intranet.
about 5 days 17 hours ago
Hillsborough Community College
Customize a degree in office administration to suit your career goals. Tracks include human resources, medical coder & more. Learn more and enroll today: o​w​.​l​y​/​z​1​O​8​3​0​2​A​F​X​v
about 1 week 3 days ago
Hillsborough Community College
The AS criminology and criminal justice studies program offers a broad view of the criminal justice system and prepares students for careers in law enforcement. Learn more and enroll today: h​c​c​f​l​.​e​d​u​/​c​a​r​e​e​r​s​/​c​r​i​m​i​n​a​l​-​j​u​s​t​i​c​e​.​a​s​p​x
about 1 week 4 days ago

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