HCC in the News: Tampa grandmother on tap to graduate college, deliver commencement speech

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

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ABC Action News

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Debra Morris is 60 years old.  Instead of easing into retirement, she's working full-time and cramming for college finals.

"With the economic dive, I found myself without a job, and my daughter said to me, 'Well mom, you're always saying you wish you could go back to school. Go back to school!'" said Morris.

As a young woman, she worked and raised a family. Her children are grown now and she has nine grandkids. But after all those years, she couldn't help but think she'd missed out by never getting a college degree.

"I just felt there was something missing. I was hoping this would be the way to capture that experience--whatever it was that was missing, and short of lying on the beach in the Riviera, I've pretty much captured that!" Morris said.

VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/v/cmvJXQC0Xy8

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