HCC in the News: Colored confident: Kendra Frorup at HCC Ybor

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Tuesday, March 7, 2017 1:00 pm EST

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Creative Loafing

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In a blend of mixed media, printmaking, and sculpture, simple objects like an old cooking pot become triggers for conjuring up moments of bustling family gatherings, as in “Tin Can.” Capturing the haziness of memory, Frorup leaves us with an upturned, well-worn tin crock placed on an abstracted background. Though there are hints of personal narrative, they are left open-ended, since we all can relate to the intrinsic value of a cooking utensil passed down through the family.

Titles help complete the poetry of the works further by giving us bits of the artist’s history, as in “Nana’s Bananas.” Breaking the conventional picture frame, the cast banana cluster lies on top of the protective glass instead of under it like the printed part. On the right-hand side of the print, a woven basket has been pressed into the paper, leaving colored ink as well as its own fibrous impression in the paper. The craftsmanship behind each piece of woven thread is equivalent to the hard work behind “fine art.”

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