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  • The Observer News

    Come Jan. 2, Dr. Jennifer China will become president of Hillsborough Community College SouthShore. The nine-year-old campus has played a pivotal role in the community’s growth, and China expects that role to continue.

    “I’m truly dedicated to what I do and very committed to student success,” said China, who most recently was dean of student services at HCC’s Brandon campus before being appointed to SouthShore. “I’m honored to be entrusted with the

  • Tampa Bay Times

    TAMPA — At 9-years old, Arletis Alfonso’s life was uprooted.

    She embraced her family and friends in tearful goodbyes and left Cuba for the United States with her mother, father and older sister.

    "Back then, I was so young I didn’t understand why I had to leave my family and friends behind," Alfonso said. "It was a new life, something different so I did cry, but I was also excited to confront everything with my family."

    Though the move marked more

  • Spectrum Bay News 9

    YBOR CITY -- Hillsborough Community College's Ybor City campus will hold an "Arts Immersion Day" Oct. 26 for prospective students to gain first-hand experience with their dance, visual arts, theater and music programs.

    Students Nicole Robinson and Ashley Levy, both students in the college's Dance program, are getting ready for the event.

    “We actually have a dance that we are doing right now, and we are going to be performing,” explained Levy, a first-year

  • NHL

    TAMPA BAY - The Tampa Bay Lightning honored Khumari Barakzai as the second Lightning Community Hero of Tomorrow this season during the first period of tonight's game versus the Pittsburgh Penguins. Barakzai, who received a $50,000 donation from the Lightning Foundation and the Lightning Community Heroes program, will donate half the money to Hillsborough Community College, while the other half will go to a scholarship for her future education.

  • Creative Loafing

    It can be easy for a bright but unlucky young low-wage earner to feel eternally stuck in an $8.10-an-hour hell.

    But local officials are hoping to offer them a way out of the rut: a potentially lucrative gig in the Tampa Bay area's burgeoning manufacturing sector.

    The region is home to some 2,000 facilities that manufacture an array of goods — and they're not the factory jobs you may think of when you hear the word “manufacturing.”

  • Tampa Bay Times

    RIVERVIEW — Khumari Barakzai is a strong believer in human rights for all people, no matter their gender or ethnicity.

    Her stance is steeped in the reality of being born and raised in Afghanistan, a country in which men are valued much more than women and where 85 percent of Afghan females have no formal education, according to the statistics division of the United Nations.

    Fortunately for her, the now 24-year-old Barakzai did graduate from high school in Afghanistan and, together with

  • Creative Loafing

    The Hillsborough Community College Honors Institute unveiled “A Celebration of Water” on Tuesday night, a cross-cultural symposium organized in collaboration with the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. The event brought the Dutch students and teachers to Tampa, to spark a discussion of climate change and its impact on one of humanity's most important resources, water.

  • 83 Degrees Media

    Cognizant Technology Solutions has opened its fourth Tampa facility, with plans to hire an additional 75 employees.

    The latest Cognizant expansion follows a 2014 commitment to invest $5.7 million in Tampa area facilities and hire 412 employees here. “We’re now increasing that commitment, investing approximately $500,000 more in capital expenditures and creating 75 additional jobs over the next 4 years,” says Eric Westphal, Cognizant’s Senior Director in Global

  • Tampa Bay Times

    Without aid of glasses, contact lenses or Lasik surgery, Hiroko Kato has clearer vision — when it comes to her career.

    Kato is working in the local manufacturing industry, a prospect she struggled to reach until she took a special course offered in a partnership between the Helen Gordon Davis Centre for Women and Hillsborough Community College.

    Now she knows manufacturing isn't solely rooted in grimy jobs. Now she knows she can make something.

    Now she knows women have a place in

  • Wausau Daily Herald

    Orsen Josephina has a repertoire of four pitches he can throw over the plate for a strike — an arsenal that has helped him become one of the top closers in the Northwoods League this season.

    Josephina's success in changing the rotation and speed of the baseball also earned him the chance to close out the league’s All-Star Game at Athletic Park last week. He struck out both batters he faced to end the contest.


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